Rossum's is a working group for robotic artists and engineers. The group is devoted to creating and showing new art work which combines the digital and mechanical in embodied forms.

The Rossum's group meets semi-regularly to discuss practical and conceptual issues in our work. We also often invite external speakers to present at our meetings in a relaxed seminar format. Most of the group is concentrated in Pittsburgh, but the wider Rossum's network includes members in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Indiana.

Past Shows

Robot Resolution/Signal:Noise Patio
Dec 31, 2009 and Jan 21, 2010
937 Liberty Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA
The Uncanny Valley Rally
Nov 5 to Dec 15, 2007
Brew House Space 101
Pittsburgh, PA
Feb 23 to Mar 23, 2007
937 Liberty Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA


Rossum's was founded by Ian Ingram and Garth Zeglin in the Fall of 2006 in order to bring together artists and engineers interested in robotic and mechatronic art. The name is a reference to the 1921 play by Karel Čapek titled R.U.R. (Rossum's Universal Robots).


[Lea Albaugh] [Stuart Anderson] [Ian Brill] [Cheng Xu] [Takehito Etani] [Doug Fritz] [Amisha Gadani] [Jennifer Gooch] [Joseph Hays] [Ian Ingram] [Michael Kontopoulos] [Keny Marshall] [Marek Michalowski] [Ian Page] [Aaron Peck] [Ally Reeves] [Tiago Rorke] [Greg Saul] [Eric Singer] [Shaun Slifer] [Rexy Tseng] [Tiffany Sum] [Gregory Witt] [Derk Wolmuth] [Garth Zeglin]


If you are interested in coming to a Rossum's meeting or would like more information on the group, please contact either Garth Zeglin ("garthz" AT "cmu.edu") or Ian Ingram ("ian" AT "ianingram.org").

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